About Bais

Welcome to the Banjul American International School! Originally known as the Banjul American Embassy School, our school was founded in 1984 by a small group of American families with support from the US Embassy. In December 2016, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to change our name to the Banjul American International School to reflect our globally-minded curriculum and our diverse international community of students and parents. BAIS continues to maintain a strong relationship with the US Embassy and receives an annual grant from the Office of Overseas Schools at the US State Department. We are proud to be the only independently accredited school in The Gambia, with full accreditation through 2023 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

We empower students to:

  • Embrace diversity
  • Strive for peace
  • Work with dignity
  • Positively impact tomorrow′s world

BAIS Mission

The Banjul American International School is an accredited international school providing a meaningful, rigorous American curriculum in a global context. In partnership with local and international communities, we empower students to become enthusiastic, creative, lifelong learners who value integrity, cultural diversity, and global responsibility.

Profile of Graduates

Graduates of the Banjul American International School will be expected to exhibit the following attributes:


A self-directed learner who demonstrates critical and intellectual curiosity, and who uses technology to meet the academic challenges of high school and beyond.


A global-minded individual who has acquired the intellectual, emotional, and social skills needed to become an informed, caring citizen and who actively contributes toward a democratic society with an abiding respect for Earth and its resources.


A well-rounded individual who is an effective communicator and demonstrates integrity, with compassion and respect for differences among people.

Happy Students

The BAIS community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot.


BAIS was definitely a great experience for me. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Looking back on my education, it is BAIS that holds the closest memories to my heart.


BAIS is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAIS planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school.