We are glad you′re interested in joining the BAIS family! Our application process is simple. Just submit the completed Application form below and Medical History Report along with a recent photo of the student, a scan of the the student′s passport or birth certificate, and the past two years of school records. You may deliver these materials in person or via email, or feel free to stop by and deliver them in person. All relevant forms are found on this page. Questions can be directed to the School Director, Myna Anderson by email as well.

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Happy Students

The BAIS community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot.


BAIS was definitely a great experience for me. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Looking back on my education, it is BAIS that holds the closest memories to my heart.


BAIS is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAIS planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school.