Career Opportunities

BAIS offers individualized educational programs in a supportive and warm learning community of staff, students and parents. The teachers we seek for BAIS embrace the challenges of living in a very small, developing country while delivering the highest educational program expected by the expatriate, diplomatic and business community. BAIS teachers support each other and often teach combined grade classes. They enjoy the beach and create their own social events in between frequent school events that they inspire, organize and deliver .

If you are ready for a school where you give your best in order to get the best from each learner...

if you hope to commit to a small, cohesive community...

then come Believe - Achieve  Inspire -Succeed!  

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Opening Positions at BAIS

For August 2020

To apply or inquire about future vacancies, please contact the Director, Myna Anderson. Email us.  We will answer every application email.


Applications for employment will require the following:

Child Protection

BAIS is committed to safer recruitment practices. Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection. Everyone who works with children at BAIS will be asked to present a police clearance check for at least 2 years in their current country.  Employees must present evidence of a police clearance from their current country of employment for at least the last two years prior to being contracted for employment at BAIS. We reserve the right to require police checks for more than two years.