BAIS Board members left to right: Myna Anderson, Director/ex oficio member; Rebekah Moore, US Embassy Appointed member; Ope Boroffice, Treasurer; Yassin Senghore, member-at-large; Kris Murray, member at large; Fady Hocheimy, Vice Chairperson/Secretary; and Fady Ghanim, Chairperson.

BAIS Governance Structure

BAIS Association

The School is owned by the BAIS Association and is overseen by the Board of Directors (Board), whose members are elected by the Association. The Association consists of all parents and legal guardians of BAIS students, all teachers, the Business Manager, and the Director. All members of the Association have the opportunity to participate in the nomination and election of the Board of Directors. The Board convenes an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association each school year in May, presenting annual reports and elect new members for the BAIS Board. 

Board of Directors


The BAIS Board is responsible for the long-term sustainability of the school. It sets the Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs, Parameters, and strategic direction of the school as well as school policy. It is also responsible for the hiring, retention, and annual evaluation of the School Director, ensuring a quality educational program, and approving the annual budget. The Board is committed to transparency and good governance. It welcomes contributions and insight from the BAIS community at large and encourages this by providing a variety of opportunities for public participation.

The Board consists of six members. Five of the Board members are elected by the Association, and one Board member is appointed by the US Embassy Banjul. Members primarily consist of the parents/ legal guardians of BAIS students. Full time residents of The Gambia who would bring needed expertise to the school are also eligible to be elected to the Board. Two members of the same family may not hold a position on the Board at the same time. School employees are not eligible to be on the Board.  The Director of BAIS is an ex officio member of the School Board, with a voice but not a vote.

Board Objectives

The members of the Board shall acknowledge that they have been placed in a position of trust by the Association, and they shall act with due care and diligence in dealing with the funds, property and operations of BAIS. To this end, the Board member shall:

BAIS Director

The Director is hired by the Board and is responsible for the operations of the school and for the conduct of all BAIS employees.