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The BAIS community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot.


BAIS was definitely a great experience for me. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Looking back on my education, it is BAIS that holds the closest memories to my heart.


BAIS is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAIS planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school.


Although my time at BAIS spanned just two years, the close-knit community and cherished memories I forged there make it feel as though the experience extended far beyond. Reflecting on my time at BAIS brings a sense of fulfillment and enrichment that will forever linger. Nestled within the African landscape, BAIS stands as the continent's most intimate American international school; its size a testament to the benefit of small class settings. Still, BAIS presented ample opportunities for students to deeply engage. I served on the school's MSA (Middle States Association) reaccreditation committee and channeled my passion for business by leading a Finance Club for other students. The school extends into the local community through its annual service learning project in which BAIS students collaborate with local Gambians learn about acts to create a more equitable society. These experiences stand unparalleled, setting BAIS apart from any other institution I've attended.