BAIS is far more than just a PK-12 school, it's a community that fosters and encourages growth at every level. The small environment allows individualized assistance that helps students discover who they are as learners and become positive members of society. BAIS is a wonderful community that has the ability to set its students up to reach their highest potential. Students who attend BAIS leave more confident than ever in their ability to succeed within and outside the academic sphere. I spent only two years at BAIS, yet grew and learned more than I ever have anywhere else in my educational journey. I made memories and connections I know I will keep for the rest of my life. Because of the assistance I received in the high school program, I was accepted to Wellesley College where I plan to study neuroscience. The staff that taught me are people I respect and look up to with the highest regard, and it was incredibly hard to leave.


Although my time at BAIS spanned just two years, the close-knit community and cherished memories I forged there make it feel as though the experience extended far beyond. Reflecting on my time at BAIS brings a sense of fulfillment and enrichment that will forever linger. Nestled within the African landscape, BAIS stands as the continent's most intimate American international school; its size a testament to the benefit of small class settings. Still, BAIS presented ample opportunities for students to deeply engage. I served on the school's MSA (Middle States Association) reaccreditation committee and channeled my passion for business by leading a Finance Club for other students. The school extends into the local community through its annual service learning project in which BAIS students collaborate with local Gambians learn about acts to create a more equitable society. These experiences stand unparalleled, setting BAIS apart from any other institution I've attended.


BAIS has the fondest memories of any school I've been to. After I left, I completed the International Baccalaureate at the same time as the American High School diploma. Following that, I attended Imperial College, graduating with honors; the University of Oxford, graduating with honors; and am about to start a management course at Harvard. I have worked for Apple and Symantec. Now, I work for Company85, a consulting firm in London serving several UK government departments, financial-services, and multinational IT integrators.


I started at BAIS when I was 7 years old and have extremely happy memories of my 4 years there. The school's ethos and attitude, both within the curriculum and on a personal level was second to none and I feel it truly set me up for later life. I believe that my outlook on life and my people skills all come down to the support and teaching we received there. It was extremely difficult to leave the school community, as it served not only as a place for education, but an extended family. My family and I moved back to Britain, where I completed secondary school and I am now studying at the London School of Economics.


I attended BAIS from Pre-K to Grade 8, and those years of learning, growth and friendship are what has resonated throughout my education, life and career. Because of BAIS's amazing teachers and personalized environment, when I transferred to another high school, I was placed in a class above my current level. Attending the University of Maryland, my first 2 years were a breeze, all thanks to my SOLID foundation that was built at BAIS. I graduated with a degree in Neurobiology/Physiology and Biotechnology. I have nothing but amazing and warm memories of the small but special school, which formed many friendships and bonds, and made me who I am today. I am currently a Territory Manager for a Biomedical company, responsible for 11 states, and the youngest person on my team of 5 who manage the entire US. I thank BAIS for teaching me to use my ambition and motivation, and to develop my leadership skills, creativity and drive that I know I wouldn?t have been able to grow somewhere else.


BAIS will always have a special place in my heart. I was there for five years between the ages of 4-9. The education system varied but always encouraged children to be naturally confident in the classroom thus allowing us to translate this into everyday life; this is a skill I have carried with me throughout my education and now my career. I truly believe that I would not have got where I am today without those key life skills I learnt as a child at BAIS.


BAIS was definitely a great experience for me. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Looking back on my education, it is BAIS that holds the closest memories to my heart.


I have many happy memories of BAIS and many friends I made during my time there I continue to keep in touch with. BAIS definitely helped build my confidence and self esteem and when I fell behind or needed additional help that was always provided. My time at BAES had instilled a thirst for knowledge and determination to succeed. I now work for an executive search consultancy in London. Having lived and been educated in The Gambia has given me such a unique international perspective that is of constant use to me both personally and professionally and it is a time in my life that holds incredibly fondt memories.


BAIS was a wonderful experience filled with hard work but a lot of fun as well. Many subjects in middle school prepared me for what I'm studying now, international business. I was involved with student organizations in middle school and it was of great interest to me; I am still involved with student organizations today. Overall, I very much enjoyed my time at BAIS, it is a memory I will never forget.


I'm a former student who went to BAIS for about 9 years. The experience was a great one. The teachers at BAIS are loving and caring. They just want the best for you. The educational and interactive activities left me with many enjoyable memories. Transitioning into high school was smooth for me, and I can thank BAIS for that. From this experience i have made many friends and the success I had there has carried on. I now attend Georgia Perimeter College and am majoring in Social work. A big thanks to BAIS!


BAIS is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAIS planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school.


I feel extremely privileged to have been a student at BAIS. My education there laid the foundations for further academic achievements, and sparked interests which have continued to grow since. It was at BAIS that my passion for studying American history began, and this interest has stayed with me ever since, as I am now in my final year of an undergraduate degree in History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas at the University of Warwick. As important as the academic development BAIS provided was, in my opinion the friendly environment of the school and the pastoral nurturing given by the wonderful teachers equipped the students with other skills that are just as, if not more, important. Students at BAIS were encouraged to develop confidence, extra-curricular passions in the arts and sports, and were always taught to believe that they could achieve anything they set their minds to. The school constantly had a friendly and caring atmosphere which not only made the students feel comfortable and happy enough to achieve their potential, but also created life-long friendships not only amongst students but also between students and their teachers. I will always cherish the eight years I spent there, and consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to become a part of the BAIS family.


The BAIS community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot.