BAIS provides a US standards-based curriculum with an international focus. Instruction is in English. Our curriculum for kindergarten through middle school is based on AERO standards, which align with Next Generation Science Standards for science and with Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics. Our Pre-K curriculum, which aligns with the New York State Early Learning Guidelines, is designed to holistically support our young learners? intellectual, academic, social, and emotional development.

The core subjects of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, are supplemented with specialty instruction in art, French, music, nd physical education. Information and communication technology is integrated with learning across the subjects, and all classes have dedicated time in the computer lab and library each week.

Program of Instruction

We cultivate a safe, welcoming, supportive, and inquisitive environment that develops the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual capacities of children. We believe that children must have elements such as self-confidence and social acceptance in place before meaningful intellectual development can be achieved. Class size may vary during any given year. The school uses multi-age and multi-grade classes that change with the population of the school.

The school is divided into four sections.

  • Early Childhood Center includes Pre-K 1 & 2 and Kindergarten
  • Primary School Grades 1-5
  • Middle School Grades 6-9
  • Nebraska Correspondence Grades 9-12

Our Early Childhood program promotes academic and social-emotional development in personalized, developmentally appropriate ways for children who are between three and five years old at the start of the year. Early childhood students have opportunities for self-directed learning and play while provided with thorough guidance and supervision within a structured program taught by trained, experienced professionals.

Our Pre-K curriculum is based on New York State Early Learning Guidelines and our Kindergarten curriculum is based on AERO standards, Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards for science. Students in the Early Childhood program have regular classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, Information Technology, and Library, and they begin French classes in Kindergarten.

Our primary school (grades 1 through 5) curriculum provides active, engaging, authentic learning experiences that ensure solid grounding in the knowledge and skills of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, French, art, music, information and communication technology, and physical education, in collaborative, student-centered, inquiry-based learning environments.

The primary curriculum is based on AERO standards, Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards for science. Units and lessons draw upon the unique expertise of our world-class educational team and the historical, cultural and physical environment of The Gambia.

The Middle School program provides students with a transition from the self-contained elementary school structure to the more departmentalized secondary school approach. Subject teachers develop their curriculum based on AERO standards, Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards for science, and coordinate their instruction to produce multi-disciplinary approaches to topics.

Students are encouraged to become self-directed learners and are given numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills.

BAIS high school students (Grades 9-12) receive academic support and advising from BAIS teachers as they complete courses through the University of Nebraska High School, an accredited US high school that enrolls students throughout the world through its renowned correspondence program.

High school students participate in Art, Physical Education, and Music classes with BAIS middle school students and have opportunities for leadership and community engagement through programs including Student Council and the Service Learning Project.

Happy Students

The BAIS community has always been very close, almost like a family. I am thankful to my parents that they gave me the opportunity to spend my childhood in this environment, since I believe that it influenced my way of thinking, my values and my attitude a lot.


BAIS was definitely a great experience for me. I enjoyed the both the theory and practical approach of the school. I liked how my teachers always saw potential in me even with the subjects I was weak in. Looking back on my education, it is BAIS that holds the closest memories to my heart.


BAIS is an amazing school in which I had great experiences. This was such a free school which allowed me to express my views and ideas. The environment was very friendly that it was not hard to fit in. BAIS planned marvelous events and I can say that the teachers fully prepared me to get into a good school.